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Why choose Chip ‘n Dip?


The simplistic approach to business allows for an effective business concept, this yields favourable profits and ROI.

The franchise also has an unmatched investment opportunity as well as low overheads.

Initial capital investment required is between R24,000 and R299,000 excl. VAT.


Over 90% of the Western world is familiar with French fries as a snack offering or accompanying a meal, no matter what age, creed or colour people enjoy this product.

The unique patented red checkered cone packaging used is very effective and recognisable allowing the brand to be in a competitive position in relation to other brands; this creates a wide consumer interest as well as repeat purchases.


Location is imperative, any suitable location where the target market can be acquired.

Via continuous marketing with a main focus on our core Brand, Chip ‘n Dip and Brand affiliates Dancing Doughnut Factory, Doughnut Pops, Hot Dippity Dog and Chip Twister have become well known within a short span of time and can be utilised on their own or to customise an event.


Our established as well as our newly emerged brands have a winning formula:



Full training in all aspects of a Chip ‘n Dip franchise is offered by head office. This also applies to our other brands, Hot Dippety Dog, Dancing Doughnut Factory, Doughnut Pops and Chip Twister.

Once a franchisee is in operation, on-going training is offered on a regular basis.

Staffing requirements

Depending on the size and the type of franchise taken, the staff required is typically the owner and two staff members.

Types Of Franchises

Mobile Options

Used for daily street trading and special events such as concerts, fetes, markets, sports events or any public gathering that provides the ideal business opportunity.

Fixed Store Locations

Located in high profile shopping centres in order to maximise exposure.

Can be combined with free standing units. Space required is between 8 and 20 sq.m

In store / co-branded

Sites that already contain frying facilities.

Purchasing of the right to sell the brand and use the same branding and preparation method, as this is required within the franchise agreement.


Franchising Pricelist

Equipment CostOpening StockSignageJoining FeeTotal ExclTotal Incl
Chip 'n Dip - MobileR162,000R18,000R2,500R35,000R217,500R250,125
Chip 'n Dip - GazeboR56,000R18,000R2,500R25,000R101,500R116,725
Chip 'n Dip - StoreR395,000R40,000R45,000R45,000R505,000R580,750
Chip 'n Dip - Cobranded Store**R0R17,500R20,000R20,000R50,000R57,500
Chip Twister - GazeboR56,000R5,000R2,500R25,000R88,500R101,775
Dancing Doughnut Factory - GazeboR190,000R18,000R2,500R25,000R235,500R270,825
Doughnut Pops - GazeboR56,000R6,000R2,500R25,000R89,500R102,925
Hot Dippety Dog - GazeboR56,000R18,000R2,500R25,000R101,500R116,725
Hot Dippety Dog - MobileR162,000R18,000R2,500R35,000R217,500R250,125

* All prices are subject to a final quotation, delivery ex-Johannesburg and includes all opening stock except chips and palm oil where applicable.
** Assumed all frying equipment already in place
*** Contact us for combinations of the above brands, as well as for Fixed Store locations

Franchise opportunities avialable in the following areas

ProvinceChip 'n DipChip TwisterDancing Doughnut FactoryDoughnut PopsHot Dippety Dog
Eastern Cape
Free State
KwaZulu Natal
Northern Cape
Western Cape

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