chipsOur patented checkered red and white cone makes us recognisable and assures the customer of quality. The red fork which has been redesigned allows for a devilishly great experience and making it convenient to consume with less mess!

The first franchise was established in 1990 and the brand and the products associated have moved from strength to strength since then. We now have in excess of 100 franchisees.
The franchise outlets take the form of convenient mobile units or fixed sites which are instantly recognisable.
Our experience and expertise is evident in our effective yet simple franchise concept and we pride ourselves in training the franchisee very effectively which enhances the end users experience.

Our mouth-watering dips are what make us unique in the market. With 14 different and well-loved dips, we aim to satisfy your taste buds and keep you coming back for more.

Our Mission

To become your Franchise of Choice


  • Simplicity of the operation and the universal appeal of our product.
  • Providing innovation where possible to our established brand as well as maintaining interest in the concept to support profit growth.
  • Creating sound relationCHIPs with our franchisees in order to provoke entrepreneurial experience and enhance their capabilities in the marketplace.
  • Meeting the needs of consumers by providing excellent quality products and well-trained and experienced business partners.
  • A leading world-wide supplier of fresh French fries - McCain provides Chip 'n Dip with quality products that satisfy the end-user.
  • Placing a profitable business proposition in the hands of the franchisee.